• Vacation monitoring - for insurance, plant watering, driveway plowing, mail pickup, putting out garbage and more...

  • Vacation rentals - have your house earn money while you’re away by having a trustworthy tenant for a short term.

  • Estate auction preparation - the family home is to be sold. What to do with all the stuff?

  • Open house hosting when property is on the market.

We help Home Owners with...

Vacation Monitoring:


While you’re away, either short term for Spring Break, or long term like a snowbird, your home insurance requires that your home be visited on a regular basis. If family and friends are available and willing to do this for you, that's great. But if not, the services of a property manager are your ticket to scratching that worry off your list. 

Open Houses or Vacation Hosting:


Selling your home privately and want to take advantage of some open house traffic but find it awkward to show your home? You can hire a Property Manager to host your open house. Greeting buyers, handing out brochures or answering questions or moving forward with an interested buyer are all services Parker Places can handle. 

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Rental Income?

If you’d like to take advantage of the Air B&B trend, you can hire a Property Manager to be a host for you. They handle the posting of the property, the greeting of the guests and the cleaning afterwards. Air B&B is a great site that makes generating income from your home easy as pie. But some homeowners prefer to be 'hands off' and hire a Property Manager. Payment for that service is deducted from the substantial fee that travelers are willing to pay for temporary vacation accommodations. 

Estate Auctions:


This service is intended for folks who end up in possession of the family home that now must be readied for sale. It is full from top to bottom with many things to hold on to & treasure, and many things to part with. A property management professional is someone who will come in to help sort, sell or prepare for an auction taking the stress and emotional strain off the family. 

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