We provide Landlords with...

  • Placement service - finding the best tenant 

  • Rental property management - everything from rent collection to eviction to making sure the lawn is mown. 

  • Move out walk-through and inspection 

  • Vacancy clean up - cleaning up after a tenant leaves

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Placement service:


“They seemed so nice at first”. That's the most common lament I hear when talking with landlords who have felt the sting of the bad tenant. It can be a daunting, risky business, this act of being a landlord. A lot is at stake. Your real estate investment can turn into a nightmare of legal wrangling to collect back rent, expensive clean-ups & repairs, and a whole lot of stress that the seminar on real estate investment failed to point out. And it's time consuming too! 

If renting property is not your full time job, it can easily turn into one. Between posting ads, answering ads, booking appointments, showing the property, collecting applications, calling references, credit checks and move in and out inspections, you are pretty much tied to your phone or computer or car. So sometimes in an effort to ‘just get the dang place rented’, you might rely on your 'gut instinct' to select a tenant. When what you really need is a system of tenant selection criteria. That's where the Placement Services of Parker Places comes in. 

Property Management:


Ring ring! Ping ping! Ding ding! Whatever noise your device makes, be prepared to hear it more often as a landlord. Some tenants are excellent at caring for a property and turning a tap off or shooing a spider. Some, not so much. And it is easier for them to just ring, ping, or ding the landlord to come have a look at or repair a minor or (hopefully) not a major problem. 

The property manager handles the rings, dings or pings from your tenant and takes whatever action is required to address the situation. The landlord is consulted as little or as much as they wish and no activity or repair takes place without their authorization. 

A property manager will also ensure rent is collected on time and will automatically apply a late payment if necessary in accordance with the Tenancy Act of Nova Scotia. A properly managed rental allows the landlord to sit back and enjoy the benefits of real estate investment while diminishing the work and worry. 

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clean-up services

Vacancy Clean-Up:


Sometimes opening that door for the first time after your tenants have vacated is a real pleasure.


They moved out without causing damage and everything has been removed, including garbage in & around the property and they cleaned like professionals.


So there is nothing left to do but find another tenant. That's a ‘dream scenario’. 

WAKE UP.....your place is a mess! Garbage, belongings, dirt, dust and damage are everywhere. Although it's no one’s favourite part of property management, Parker Places has the skills and manpower to restore your rental property to 'ready to rent' status. The better a property appears, the more likely you are to attract quality tenants. So if you open that door to a nightmare, just close it up quietly. Take a deep breath and contact Parker Places!